I have got to start sitting less! (via Lifehacker, my fave blog of all time)

Click through to view the ENTIRE infographic (there’s much more info and much more graphic)

I have got to start sitting less! (via Lifehacker, my fave blog of all time)

Click through to view the ENTIRE infographic (there’s much more info and much more graphic)

Fitness Club!

My friends and I started our own fitness club! The three of us have completely different schedules and I belong to a different gym than the other two.  So, I made an excel spreadsheet for the month of april where we each fill in every day what we do to get fit.  There’s also a spot at the end of each week for us to reflect and encourage each other.

I ran for the first time two days ago since…. the last time I ran which was probably in august.  I managed to run 3 miles at a pace of about 11 minutes each… with my heartrate at above 90% for most of the time. Whew. Let’s see if I keep it up this time.

Tip for Lowering Your Heart Rate

I learned this quick tip from a trainer at my gym.  If you want to lower your heart rate quickly, breathe in slowly for three seconds, hold your breath for three seconds, then exhale for three seconds.  I’ve tried it multiple times with my heart rate monitor on and it works!

Starting Over

I don’t believe in new year resolutions and all that garbage.  So not because it’s a new year, but because it’s today and I’m back from an awesome little vacation with some of my best friends, but today I’m going to get back on freakin’ track with my healthy decision making that has gone so horribly astray.  Get ready bod because you’re about to get all sorts of work starting now.

I will start by hitting the gym and possibly keeping track of how many hours I spend watching tv a day to see if that will curb itself without actually setting a time limit.

Ready… set… GO!

Backpeddling (metaphorically speaking)

Today I only ran for 26 minutes.  I ran 2.37 miles.  I’m not going to post my Polar heart rate monitor stats because after the first 6 minutes I realized my battery/transmitter thing wasn’t attached correctly because my wristwatch was showing my heart rate at 105% which didn’t feel right- so everything is probably wrong on there.

Today I had planned ahead of time to run at least 40 minutes, or maybe even an hour again since I did a shorter run on Thursday.  But then I got out the door late and I have to be at work at 11:15 and I wanted enough time to shower and eat an early lunch before I go, and then my Ipod was about to die, and then I just felt like coming back home so I did. (Call me Ms. Excuse)

At least my pace was a little faster than last time, it’s back down to about an 11-minute mile.  I think next week I’m going to start the training program in that book I have, now that I’m sure I can do it.  Perhaps a regimen to stick to will help prevent little lazy decisions like today.  And I need to remember to charge my ipod more.


So. I’ve been very psuedo-busy lately.  Meaning: I’m not actually busy, but I just leave myself no time to actually do things I want to like, for instance, update my blog or clean my room.

But anyway.  As expected, I didn’t run over the weekend.  I played volleyball on sunday, but the team I played with had 8 players so I ended up having to sit out a lot throughout the day so I didn’t get as much exercise as I wanted to.  I’m almost through with Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running and I have to say it’s been very inspiring.  He runs an hour (6 miles) EVERY DAY (well, 6 days a week).  I’ve never run two days in a row.  If other people can do it, then why the hell can’t I?

I put off running in the morning on Monday because it was wet outside (what???) so I went to the gym and did a quick lift later that night.  Tuesday I woke up completely (un)determined to go running.  I got up, put on my running clothes, had breakfast, and thought to myself OVER AND OVER “ughhh I don’t wanna run. Maybe I’ll just go to the gym. I don’t wanna run.  I donnnnn’t wanna runnnn. I’ll just go to the gym.”

But I went. And Holy Moly did I go!!! I ran 5.62 miles! I ran for an hour and 6 minutes WITHOUT STOPPING! My face was as red as the ripest tomato you’ve ever seen when I was done but damn did I feel good.  It was kind of cool because as I was going I could feel myself breaking through little “walls.”  Like, at 20 minutes I really struggled and it felt hard and then after 2 more minutes I felt like I was in the clear.  Then at 30 minutes I felt it again.  Then I got past it.  Then at 40 minutes it happened again and after that I just felt like I could keep going!  I probably could’ve continued past the hour and 6 minutes (I was hoping to have run 6 miles at an 11-minute pace) but I stopped.

Yesterday I lifted, and today I ran a shorter course but I made it a more difficult, hilly course.  I’ll post the stats after a break or whatever because I have more to say.  And I doubt anyone’s gonna read through all of this but whatevs it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want!

I signed up for New York Road Runners today.  If I run 9 races and volunteer to work in one next year then I can automatically qualify for the NYC Marathon in 2012 I think.  I’m kind of excited to start running in actual races.

Here are my stats for the last 3 runs since I didn’t post them then either…

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I just mapped it out and yesterday I ran the longest I’ve EVER RUN IN MY LIFE and it was 4 miles!!!! in 45 minutes which isn’t a TERRIBLE pace I don’t think.  HOLY CRAP!  I took my friend’s advice and I picked a friend’s house to run to and I ran the whole way there and back!  I kept thinking on the way there that I wouldn’t be able to do the whole way but I could!  I didn’t go running the day before yesterday because I got annoyed and made excuses and went to the gym instead.

This weekend is going to be a little crazy (but not as crazy as last, and much, much, MUCH healthier lol) so I don’t know if I’ll get to run until monday.  Today and tomorrow I am going to be away for a job and sunday I think I’m playing in a volleyball tournament all day.  I know I’ll never make it if I go running before but who knows, maybe I can go for a jog at the end of the day.

Let me just tell you though, yesterday morning I stalled so bad before I left.  All that was going through my head is /whiny voice: “I don’t wanna runnnnnn… ughhhh I just wanna go to the gym insteaddddd.” and it took me a full hour and a half after waking up to finally go.  But afterwards I felt great.  I don’t have my heartrate monitor so I can’t post the stats, I’ll get to that next time I run.

My lovely brother and his awesome girlfriend also got me a kindle and the first book I purchased on it was What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami because I saw someone else with a running blog quote from it. And believe me I’m going to start quoting from it here too!

Peace love and running shoes. I’m off.

Oh last thing.  Which side of the road are you supposed to run on?  I know you’re supposed to bike WITH traffic but I’ve been mostly staying on very empty roads but on the left side because I have my ipod on (very quietly!) so I make sure I can see cars approaching to move out of the way.  I still haven’t passed any other runners (where are they???) so I don’t know if I’m doing it right.

Crazy Labor Day Weekend

Well, well, well… I went to a music festival on Saturday and Sunday that was from 11am-11pm both days.  I didn’t get up early on Saturday to run because (warning: excuses ahead) I stayed up late Friday night and wanted to rest up as much as possible before the festival.  Then I made a whole bunch of unhealthy lifestyle choices.  BUT! I was dancing literally all day both days.  So maybe that can count as some cardio.

I took yesterday to recover and recuperate.  I felt like I had shin splints.  Today I also woke up late and it’s going to be hot out so I am planning to go to the gym after work tonight and get some cardio in there.  I don’t like to use the treadmill though because it hurts my knees.  I wonder how the elliptical compares to jogging.  It’s definitely easier for me, I think because it’s so easy to go a slow pace without realizing it.

If I do not run outside today I will do it tomorrow!

Me: I actually went running again yesterday... But only for exactly the 30 minutes
Friend: good-ugh! Why do you stop? Just keep going!
Me: I think I'll do better once I start running for distance instead of time. Having a set finish line is so much more tangible than a time limit... Ya know!
Friend: You should pick a friend's house or something and just run there. You know what I used to do? Drive my car really far away and run home, and then make my mom drive me back to it.
Me: That sounds like a good idea...

sans-fear said: Hey, this is the first time I've been able to send a message and I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK with your new running commitment!
I SO know how hard it can be... I had never really even run a full mile until I was probably a sophomore or junior in high school (which was a good 5 or 6 years ago). And even then, I didn't become a RUNNING machine until these past few years. I hope you do stay dilligent with it. The results will be AWESOME, trust me! ^-^

thanks! lol I’m so determined to do it so hopefully I’ll follow through!  I’ve always been a volleyball player or other team sport athlete and I’ve never really done much working out on my own so it’s going to be a huge accomplishment.  thanks for the support!  I’ll definitely be reading your tips and hopefully get to make some of your recipe ideas soon =)